Property rental

We already prepare the property rental accounts for over 1,000 rented properties situated throughout the UK and overseas.

You may be interested to know that HM Revenue and Customs are currently running a “Let Property Campaign”, in order to encourage those who have not previously declared such income to do so now. In return for making an unprompted disclosure, those coming forward are guaranteed to get the best terms possible when it comes to calculating penalties imposed as a result of the previous failure to declare such income fully and on a timely basis.

You should also be aware that HMRC are starting to write to letting agents in the UK, asking them to provide lists of the rents they have collected on behalf of landlords, including details of the landlord’s address and the address of the let property!

In view of the above, it makes good sense to come forward as soon as possible and to notify HMRC that you wish to take part in the campaign.  Please bear in mind that, under the terms of the campaign, you will then have 3 months to calculate and pay what you owe.  If you need time to pay, it may be allowed, but we will need to call the HMRC  helpline before the 3-month deadline passes.

Please Contact Us immediately, if we can help you or if you would like further advice on the above.