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Being a contractor or subcontractor in the construction industry isn’t easy. It’s a tough job to be in, having to keep an eye on every aspect of your day-to-day life while ending the working week with a smile. It leaves little time or energy for business planning, let alone the complicated tax rules that contractors and subcontractors face.

With our help, you can reclaim your time while benefiting a professional team that won’t leave you hanging and waiting in the dark. We can help you with your accounts and tax returns, provide business advice and help you with the particularly complex aspects of the tax system.

The CIS and IR35

Contractors and subcontractors must take particular care with the CIS (construction industry scheme) and IR35. The CIS required contractors to deduct a percentage from payments to subcontractors and pay it to HMRC. They also have to file regular CIS returns. Subcontractors, meanwhile, have their own CIS duties too.

On top of that, if a contractor gives work to a subcontractor that HMRC thinks should actually be classed as employed, as per IR35 rules, they will have to pay employer’s National Insurance.

The subcontractor, meanwhile, will have to pay income tax and employee’s National Insurance.

We can help you with both of these tax issues and provide you with competent advice that keeps you in line with the rules and saves you money by preventing unnecessarily high tax bills.

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