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From cabbies and construction to catering and chiropractors, every business has to pay its employees every month. We don’t have to tell you why it’s a good idea to make sure they get the money they’re entitled to but are you sure you can look after payroll, on top of your business’s day-to-day?

Payroll’s not a walk in the park and often eats into business owners’ evenings when they should have switched off the lights and gone home to the family.

How we help

We can run your payroll for you. Your entire payroll – pay calculations, deductions, pension contributions, auto-enrolment and the full payment submission that HMRC wants businesses to send them – all taken care of.

We’ll deal with any questions from your staff and any grumbling from HMRC, too. We can even make your payslips. – Of course, every business is different, so we are flexible in how we work.

If you’re in the construction industry, we can help with the CIS (construction industry scheme) and any deductions along the way. It’s a tricky area to understand without prior knowledge or hands-on experience, but we know all its ins and outs. We’ll use our expertise to help you out in no time.

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