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Planning comes naturally to some people – but for the rest, it’s like pulling teeth. What was it like the first time you wrote a plan? Did you find the process rewarding? Did you include forecasts?

Creating a plan you can believe in is a process, not a final result. It requires patience and a forward-thinking mindset. If you need help amending your original plan or need support with creating a new one, we’re here to help.

Putting the right steps into place

We’ll join the dots and build a picture of who you are as a business. We’ll help you provide clarity and understanding to your colleagues and identify a clear direction. You’ll be excited to talk to your lenders and investors about what the future holds.

It’s at this stage that you really want as much data as possible.
A proper plan will include multi-year financial projections, income forecasts, balance sheets and cashflow statements. But equally, the strategy behind your business’s direction is especially vital.

We specialise in accounting for cab drivers, and you might think that as business plans go, this should be something of an ‘open and shut’ case. But in our experience, opportunities are always around the corner. So it’s worth getting in touch to see what you could do to improve your business.

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