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What’s the most painful part of the year for businesses? If you didn’t immediately think about tax season, you’re stronger willed than most. Self-assessment tax returns – the tax return for self-employed workers– are tough and frustrating documents to complete, that eat away at your time doing proper business. Meanwhile, you can’t afford to make mistakes on the returns, at least if you want to avoid getting into HMRC’s black book by underpaying tax. Overpaying, meanwhile, is either lost money or a drawn-out refund process.

The solution? Let us complete your self-assessment for you. We’ll need some information and documents about your income and business expenses, and we’ll be able to report your income with total accuracy. We indeed have a lot of self-assessment clients, but by getting them done early and using smart digital tools, we’ll get yours done well ahead of the deadline. With any luck, you’ll know your tax bill in advance to help you plan for it.

As of April 2024, self-assessment taxpayers with a turnover of £10,000 will be required to file quarterly returns and an end of year statement through Making Tax Digital-compatible software

Intelligent tax planning

But for us, tax returns aren’t just about doing it to pay your tax. The way we see it, it’s about getting your tax bill done through accepted and legal methods. We’re not interested in messing about. We tailor our self-assessment service to our clients, and make sure we’re doing all the personal and business tax planning we can for you to bring your tax bill down through various methods. Talk to us about your personal and business situation, and we’ll instantly get an idea of what those might be.

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