Will writing and lasting power of Attorney

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We all know it: writing a will is important. But why, then, do 60% of all UK adults not have one? Of those who don’t have a will, 26% said they planned to make one later in life. 11% said they were put off the cost of writing a will. These people were clearly unaware that it would cost their relatives far more to sort out their estate if they were to die without a will.

There’s no need to be intimidated by will writing. With our help, your affairs will be put in order so your relatives receive exactly what you want, once you’re gone. If your family is small, making your will should be a straightforward process. If you have a more complicated family situation, such as those where trusts or overseas properties are involved, these require careful planning – planning that we have the expertise to help you with.

Lasting power of attorney

Carefully planning for the future doesn’t just mean planning for your death. Have you thought about what would happen if you couldn’t make your own decisions, perhaps because of a serious accident or illness that takes away your mental capacity? A powerful solution is a lasting power of attorney, a legal document that lets you appoint people to make decisions on your behalf. You never know when you might lose control of your situation, but you have control right now to plan for that eventuality.

Setting up a lasting power of attorney isn’t a walk in the park, but that’s why we’re here. We work closely with solicitors and financial advisor who are experts in this.

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