Property rental

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Owning a rental property isn’t easy. The market is constantly changing and landlords are under immense pressure to look after their tenants. There’s so much to take care of that things can get overlooked, particularly when you’re not trained accountants.

As specialists in accounting for property rental, we have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure your affairs are in order. We can also support you in a lot of other things, including property investment, management, budgeting and business strategies.


Tax planning for rental property

We’ll also help you with tax planning. So, if you plan to sell a property, we’ll ensure you comply with any capital gains tax obligations while paying only what you absolutely must and not a penny more.

Since 2020 any capital gains tax due on residential property has to be notified to and paid to HMRC within 60 days of the completion date.

We’ll also look into whether it’s worth renting through a limited company to enjoy a better tax treatment.

We can also look at whether you should creating or varying a Deed of Trust if the property is own with spouse.

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