Mortgages & pensions

Security for the future

A mortgage gives you the security of owning your own home, while a pension gives you security about your standard of living in your later years. Balancing the two is therefore, key if you want to have peace of mind now and in the future. But with 6000 individual mortgage products on the UK market and around 200 different providers, doing that isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Luckily for you, we work closely with mortgage brokers and financial advisors that are experts in this field. Whether you’re looking for a personal, buy-to-let or lifetime mortgage, we’ll be able to help quickly and calmly with no nonsense. You might not think of your standard accountant as mortgage advisers, but that’s the point: we’re not your standard team of accountants.

Pensions advice

We also work closely with financial advisors and will explain everything you need to know about your pension. With our advisors, we’ll help you choose a personal or stakeholder pension that is right for you and help plan your savings. Each year, you hear stories of pensioners not having saved enough for their retirement. But with our long-term support and planning, you won’t be one of them.

We’ll also explain the options to withdraw money from your pension pots. You could take it all out in a lump sum, for instance, or purchase a product that gives you a guaranteed income. You could invest your savings to get a regular, adjustable income. As ever, there are tax implications to think about, which we’ll guide you through with our jargon-free, plain-English advice.

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